In this section you will find the VX/AV scene news of all year sorted by month.

May ´99:


- MoonBug #10 was released.



April ´99:


- DVL #6 was released.

- Billy Belcebú leaves DDT.

- 26th April: Happy CIH´s day!!!

- The final date to send your creations for Poly Engine contest is now 10th june.

- Codebreakers is back!!!

- Meanwhile Source of Kaos is not back, a lot of links will not work.

- Opic is back again. He decided don´t retire from vx scene.

- VS2000 3.0 is out!!!

- Someone named David Smith has been arrested acused as Melissa virus coder. (Who is him???)

- Melissa has originated a revolution in the vx scene:

At this moment FBI is investigating a lot of people trying to know who is related with the coding of Melissa macro virus. (Anyway the real deal is try to know who was related with the spreading of the virus)

VicodinES has been the more investigated virii coder because the GUID code at Melissa virus was the same than the GUID code that appear in other viruses written by VicodinES in the past. (Anyway VicodineES was retired of vx scene, so, it´s not probably he wrote it. Maybe someone ripped his code in order to make Melissa virus)

All sites related to Melissa virus have been taken down, as Source of Kaos, managed by jtr, or CodeBreakers´s site, managed by Raid. Why? Because FBI has asked for the computers in order to copy and then analyze the contents of HDs.

But what are the reactions at vx scene?

A lot of people is afraid that FBI investigate them, even when they are not related with Melissa virus. Even people that is not at USA is afraid of this situation.

Some people as Opic has decided to retire of vx scene (more info at

Some people has deleted his vx site. (What was up with Intergang site?)

What´s the next?

I really don´t know, but probably Melissa virus will give more to talk about...


- F/WIN32 1.80 and F/WIN 4.42 were released.

March ´99:


- VDAT 1.80 was released.

- My email works again!!!!!

- Z0MBiE left 29A. (I hope you get all you expect from vx scene :)

- Technological Illusions #1 was released.

- DVL #5 was released.

- Int13h, member of IKX, left the scene. A few time for coding and new laws about viruses were the reasons of the quit. We will miss you, Inty!!! (Y aúpa el Barcelona ;)

- *-zine #2 should be released about june, and Xine #4 in a few weeks.

- Vecna has left 29A. (My best wishes for you Vecna. I hope all you want from life you get it)

- Here you have the rules for VirusBuster´s Polymorphic Engine contest. (Good luck and good coding for all)

- My e-mail is not working. So, be patient until my ISP fixes the problems. They are migrating from Unix to NT.


- Eugene Kaspersky is at holiday too. He is skiing somwhere... :-) (Good holidays, Eugene!)

- "The person responsible for updateing is on a short vacation, but he will be back soon" said Einar Indridason, Ftp admin at

February ´99:


- We already got WinNT.Remote Explorer.

- Virus Trading Center site reached over 25,000 visitors in only 9 months!!!

- Mad Daemon's Viruz pAge was shut down.

- The first Windows 9x/NT virus construction kit is going to be released soon.

- VS2000 2.8 is out!!!

- The password for the SG´s virii collection is "vXc011ofSG".

- I´m going to discontinue the making of AVPLITE log file since it doesn´t work fine. (It doesn´t scan inside TD0 or packed files)

- Moonbug #9 was already released.

- I will not make more Dr. Solly log files. Maybe i´ll continue with them in the future, but don´t think so.


- New FWIN and FWIN/32 were released.

- F-Prot needs /PACKED command to be able to detect "WildLicker.2280" virus.

- After make some tests i reach to one conclusion: AVPLITE and AVPDOS32 don´t scan the same stuff. Meanwhile one of them detect a virus on a file, other doesn´t detect nothing or viceversa. It happens on ± 40 viruses of my collection.

January ´99:


- Metaphase #2 is going to be released soon. Knowdeth is looking for contributions. If you have some stuff you´ld like to offer email him.

- I put new VS2000 version. (2.666.4)

- The long awaited 29A #3 was released and 29A´s site is up at Source of Kaos. (

- VDAT 1.70 was released.

- I added some new statements at the trading section.


- F-Prot 3.04 was released.

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