In this section you´ll find other interesting utilities to manage viruses.



This program is used to get a list of the detected viruses by F-Prot, AVP and Dr. Solomon. (DOS versions). Then, when you have the log files, you can know what you miss from each AV. Coded by Jack Liu.

AVList 1.2


This utility from AVP 2.2 version is great to manage viruses. A good tool to have handy.


AVP Virus Encyclopedia

AVP Virus Encyclopedia in HTML format. A lot of info very well commented about viruses.



CrCheck: Generates and validates CRC checksums (32 bit). Antivirus program, VERY fast. Wildcards, creation, verification and saving of checksum files supported. PGP and batchfile support included!

Crcheck 4.20


The hell of good utility to use in a virii replicating machine. You can make an image of your HD and when you need it you can restore the system in a few minutes.

Ghost 5.1b

Hacker´s View

Hacker´s View is a file/viewer/disassembler/editor all in one.

Hacker´s View 6.01


IDA Pro is simply the world's most advanced disassembler. You can use it to disassm DOS viruses.

IDA 3.80b


This virus utility is a complement for TbWeeder. You can use to know what files you need from 2 TBWEEDER.DAT files.


Ralf Brown´s Interrupt List

The interrupt list is a comprehensive listing of interrupt calls, I/O ports, memory locations, far-call interfaces, and more for IBMPCs and compatible machines, both documented and undocumented. Over seven megabytes of information in ASCII text files!

R.B. Interrupt List release 60 part A part B part C part D part E part F part G

PCI device info program

DESQview-specific excerpt

RAV Macro Antivirus

This utility will be very useful to replicate macro viruses. The only problem is that this AV doesn´t replicate viruses not detected by him. But something is something...



ROSEGOAT produces executable victim files (COM/EXE), typically called "sacrificial goat files". These output files are used as baits for viruses. ROSEGOAT produces a batch file TESTIT.BAT to run the goat files. With tons of options for creating different types of goat files. Great to make bait files.

RoseGoat 1.42

Roses´s File Weeder

RFW can be used as duplicate file weeder, CRC-32 file integrity checking program, anti ad and trash file remover and smart file renamer. It´s a TbWeeder or VWeed like program but even better.

RFW 0.91


SSD is a code analyser for the IBM PC. Traces and analyses 8080/8086 (and some 386) software Screened interpreter prevents disabling and disk writes providing a safe environment for analysing computer viruses. Capable of reverse engineering most PC software including packed and encrypted programs. Analyses: EXE programs, COM programs, Packed programs, PKLite compressed programs, Interrupts, Boot loaders.

SSD 6.0


Soft-Ice from Numega Technologies is the best debugger in the world. You can use it to debug Windows viruses.

S-Ice 3.25 (for Windows 9x)

S-Ice 3.25 (for Windows NT)


This virus utility is designed to be used as a complement for VS2000. This program process NEWXXX.LOG files and then you can manage the viruses from that file in some ways, as moving or copying files, removing identifications and even paths.

StripLog 2.0

Super Tracer

The SUPER TRACER Version 2.00 (C)oded 1997-98 by LiuTaoTao. Traces every exe/com program. Interprets the program code. Does not need Int1/3, DR1-DR8 or Protected Mode to run. Complex Breakpoints possible. Logs every Opcode a program uses while it is interpreted. You should try it if you use tools like S/Ice, TD, CUP3, GTR. Very secure tracing viruses.

Super Tracer 2.52

Tally's VirusKeeper Sytem

Very nice program to manage your virii collection. It has a lot of functions. Coded by Tally.

Virus Keeper


TbWeeder is a utility to weed out duplicated files. With this program you can check new incoming viruses for duplicates and delete them to avoid scan viruses you already have in your collection.


Turbo Assembler

Turbo Assembler from Borland is the best program to compile ASM source codes.

Tasm 5.0 (1/5) (2/5) (3/5) (4/5) (5/5) (patch)


This utility saves into a file a disk. You can use this program to save into a file an infected disk and then manage it in a easy way. You can make a disk using the file too. Great to manage Boot viruses!!!

TeleDisk 2.16


VDAT for Windows (HTML) - "The Viral Database". Is VSUM not enough, or incomplete for your "viral needs"?. Try VDAT for everything "that VSUM does not cover". A collection of informative files on tools, engines, people, laws and more, all in hypertext/HTML format. A must to have!!!

VDAT 1.8 for Windows


This is the tool we were using for years to manage our viruses. VirSort used to be the best utility to sort virus collections. It has VirSort for DOS and Windows 95 and AVP/F-Prot/Dr. Solly log converters.



VGrep is a system produced in an attempt to clear up some of the confusion surrounding the naming of viruses. It works by running scanners across a large collection of virus-infected files, and parsing their output into a simple text database.



The Virus Information Summary List, VSUM, represents the cumulative knowledge produced by an ongoing research effort in the detection, identification, and removal of MS-DOS viruses. It will help you understand what a specific virus does, how it activates, how it affects your system, and more important, how to get rid of it!



Generates a handy DOS batch file from the F-Prot (VirSort) LOG file of your partner including those viruses you still looking for. With F-Macro to F-Prot log file converter and an object to executable converter utility.



This program is as TbWeeder. It weeds out duplicate files. This one is fastest than TbWeeder.

VWeeder 0.96B


This program is a memory dumper for Windows 95. You can use it to dump encrypted viruses when they are decrypted on memory.

WDump95 2.10


This program is the best known Windows disassembler for 16 and 32 bit applications. You can use it to disasm Windows viruses.

W32Dasm 8.93

Win32 Programmer's Reference

Here you have an API reference guide pack for Win32. Great to code Win32 viruses.

W32 Programmer´s Reference (1/3) (2/3) (3/3)