You must send by email a report/s (log file) made with the next AVs: F-Prot or AVP.


Rules about the log files:


Parameters you must use in each AV to make log files:

In order to process your log files, you must use the next parameters when you make log files.

For F-Prot:


For AVP:

AVPDOS32 /S /Y /* /M /B /P /V /W+=AVP.LOG C:\VIRUS


For each virus full identified i need from you, you´ll get three from me. (1:3 ratio)

For each virus not fully identified (".unknown?" for F-Prot and "warning:" for AVP) i need from you, you´ll receive one from me. (1:1 ratio)

Test log files: With these logs, you will be able to test VS2000 or other similar tools.

AVP/F-Prot log files